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Battery Saver Pro 3.6.3

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01:29 Thursday, Jan 12, 2017

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01:29 Thursday, Jan 12, 2017


Current Version

  • 3.6.3
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Battery Saver Pro - Battery is an hardware to make our smartphone can turned on and do its activity, without battery, your smartphone will not be able to turned on, you only can look at your blank space smartphone screen. But there’s another problem that haunting your battery. Check it out !

As the previously said, there’s something haunting your batteries. Its the draining problem, what happen if you have a battery on your smartphone, but your battery power is draining fast ? Yes ! Your smartphone will be turned off immediately.

Say hi to Battery Saver Pro, this app can help you to prevent your battery power draining fast because of the running aplication on your smartphone.

Battery Saver Pro will help user to save their battery life with only one tap by optimizing your phone settings using memory cleaner, app killer, task killer, and other function controller. To see the feature list, you can see it down below.

Apps Feature

  • One-Touch optimizing by using  memory cleaner, app killer, task killer, and other function controller.
  • Indicating how many hour you can save by using One-Tap optimization
  • You can still save your phone battery by using “Sleep Mode”
  • You can see the Battery Saver Pro is tracking what app that drain your battery
  • You can acess your battery saver function from your home screen

What’s New On This Version

  • Power Boost Bug Fix
  • Updated design
  • Improved Peformance
  • Other bug fixes

Screenshot for Battery Saver Pro

Battery Saver Pro Battery Saver Pro


Password If need

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