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Turbo Dismount 1.13.1

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Post Created
14:38 Wednesday, Dec 28, 2016

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14:38 Wednesday, Dec 28, 2016


Current Version

  • 1.13.1
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Secret Exit Ltd


Turbo Dismount - Be careful when you’re driving, anything can happen if you make a mistake on the road, including sleeping when driving and do some extreme poses on your vehicles when its speed is more than 150 Km/h. Well that’s crazy dude ! Turbo Dismount is the same thing what i was talking about. You will see something cool inside this game. Check it out !

Yes ! The epic crash simulator is now available at your palm hand devices. Turbo Dismount is a crash and impact simulator and the victim is Mr. Dismount who loves to do that thing. You can select any vehicles to use and make Mr. Dismount drive with its unique position. I don’t know why but every time i played this game, i just laughed so hard seeing Mr.Dismount crashing with its funny and unique position.

Game Feature

  • Experience the true crashing simulator effect using the flinch-inducing crash physics.
  • You can see Mr.Dismount crashing at slow motion camera.
  • Select your favorite vehicles such as cars, trucks, skateboard and other cool thing to use.
  • You will be facing multiple levels, obstacle and you can select a lot of characters !
  • Tweak levels to your liking!
  • And the best thing is, you can costumize your char and vehicles with your own photo ! Cool huh ?
  • Play it with your friends and be the greatest in the leaderboards score.
  • Support with game controller.
  • Experience the SHIELD Tablet smooth and full resolution 4x MSAA graphics.
  • Featured with cool sound effects.
  • And other exciting gameplay & features inside the game.

What’s New On This Version

  • Added new vehicles such as Wastelander dune buggy
  • Seasonal head for survival season.
  • Improved vehicle engines and sound system.
  • Improved the manual steering features.
  • Minor bug fixes

Screenshot for Turbo Dismount

Turbo Dismount
Turbo Dismount


Password If need

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